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As is custom, a UEBB show will also be organised in 2009. This year, the Union Européenne du Berger de Brie and the Belgian Briardclub decided to join forces to organize this year’s UEBB show.
This is why we are having a clubshow with a little extra in Belgium this year. At the clubshow, participants will compete for the titles of UEBB youth winner & winster and UEBB winner & winster.
On Sunday, the UEBB will be followed by the annual national Selection. So, participants will be able to win a CAC, UEBB title and Sélectionné(e) title all in one weekend!

And we found just the perfect location for this all, the Belgian coast! May 30 and 31, you will be able to find the Belgian Briardclub in De Haan.

Once again, the spotlights will be on our beloved briards during the entire weekend. In addition, the challenge cups for shows and working trials will also be revealed alongside spectacular demonstrations.

The Whitsun weekend will also be the last where dogs are allowed on the beach. Why is why the club organises a pleasant torchlight walk on Saturday evening.

Care to join us? Simply enrol for an enjoyable weekend amongst briard friends!

What is there to do?
Saturday 30 May 2009: Clubshow – UEBB

For the clubshow/UEBB, the Belgian Briardclub invited 4 renowned judges who will examine the dogs.

  1. Mr Jacoulot from France (black females)
  2. Mrs Comby from Switzerland (fawn females)
  3. Mrs Werkmeister from Germany (black males)
  4. Mr Gianonne from Belgium (fawn males)

Even the littlest ones and the old champions are not forgotten with a BABYSHOW for the babies and puppies and a VETERAN’S PARADE for the seniors.

10h: start judgings
12h30: break with revelation of challenge cups
13h30: resumption judgings
17h00: prize distribution
20h30: festive dinner in the De Grote Schuur banquet room, where all briard friends can discuss the day.
23h: a torchlight walk on the beach

*** Please
bear in mind that this program may differ depending on the number of dogs enrolled.

nday 31 May 2009: Selection Belgian Briardclub

9h30: start character tests (judge: Mr Decamps)
10h00: start exterior judgings
(judges: Mr Gianonne and Mrs Pareau)
12h30: break with demonstrations
13h30: resumption judgings
17h30: presentation of the day’s Sélectionné(e)s

A veterinarian will be present on Sunday to fill in all necessary deocuments for our overseas visitors in order to guarantee them a safe passage back to the UK.
Exhibitors will also be given the chance to have a CSNB test taken from their dog(s).


With the organisation of the UEBB, the Belgian Briardclub offers you the possibility to put an advertisement in the catalogue :

  • 30 euros for 1/1 page
  • 16 euros for ½ page
  • 10 euros for ¼ page
More information: - +32 (0)9 387 05 60